J. Eric Schmidt                                         credits and bio   

FEATURE FILMS: (as composer, conductor and orchestrator)

"Tom & Jerry and The Magic Ring"             
"Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas"            
“The Toy Collector”   (documentary)           
"Tweety's High Flying Adventure"        
"My Little Pony-A Very Minty Christmas"   
"Ground Zero-Bloodfist III”    

Warner Bros. Animation
Walt Disney Premier Video
Gary Conrad Productions
Warner Bros. Animation
(orchestral underscore)
SD Entertainment
Concord Films

FILMS: (as additional composer and/or orchestrator)
"Little Man" (4)
"Kronk's New Groove" (1)
"A Kid In King Arthur's Court" (2)
"Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie" (1)
"My Super-X Girlfriend" (4)
"My Little Pony-Princess Promenade" (1)
"Just My Luck" (4)
"The Longest Yard" (4)
"Winnie the Pooh-1,2,3" (2)
"Winnie the Pooh-Opposites" (1)
“George Of The Jungle II”  (2)
"Happy Pooh Year" (1)
"Piglet's Big Movie" (3)
"Repli-Kate" (4)
“D2,The Mighty Ducks II"(2)
"Return Of Jafar" (1)
"The Perfect Storm" (5)
"How The Grinch Stole Christmas" (5)
"Beethoven III" (6)

FILMS: (as conductor and/or orchestrator)

“Resistance, Burning Skies”              
“Uncharted 4, Golden Abyss”             
“Uncharted 3, Drake’s Deception”      
“Uncharted 2, Among Thieves”
“Uncharted, Drake’s Fortune”             
“The Rehabilitation of Sarah” (7)
“Feast Of Love” (9)
“Employee Of The Month” (8)
“Shiver Me Whiskers” (1)
“Full Of It” (8)
“The Brothers Solomon” (8)

video game for Sony Vita (11,12)
video game for Sony Vita (13)
video game for Sony Playstation (10)
video game for Sony Playstation (10)
video game for Sony Playstation (10)

credited composer:
(1) Mark Watters   (2) J.A.C. Redford   (3) Carl Johnson   (4) Teddy Castalucci   (5) James Horner 
(6) Phillp Giffin  (7) Mark McKenzie  (8) John Swihart  (9) Steven Trask   (10) Greg Edmonson
(11) Jason Graves,  (12)  Kevin Reipl, (13) Clint Bajakian

TELEVISION SERIES: (as lead composer, orchestrator and conductor)

"The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries"
"Tom and Jerry-The Mansion Cat"
"Quack Pack"
"Toy Story"
"Room For Improvement"
Warner Bros. Animation
Disney TV Animation
Hanna Barbera (short)
pilot Nickelodeon
(interstitials) ABC
The H&G Network

TELEVISION: (as part of the composing team)

"King Of The Hill" (cond./orch.)
"A Very Muppet Christmas"
"Tinytoons Adventures"
"Darkwing Duck"
”The Little Mermaid"
"Goof Troop"
"Raw Toonage"
"Arabian Nights"
"Capitol Critters"                             
WB Animation
WB Animation
WB Animation

THEME PARKS AND LIVE SHOWS: (as orchestrator, arranger)

"Curtain Up"
"Pandemonium Circus"
"Toy Story II, pre-show"
"Hunchback of Notre Dame"
"The Lido Show"
"1996 Olympics"                                       

Princess Cruises
Universal Theme Parks
El Capitan Theatre
Disney Theme Parks
Disney Theme Parks
MGM Grand
Closing Ceremony

CDS: (as composer/artist)

”Prayer Without Words”
“Symphony Of Prayer”
“Movements Through Grief”

J. Eric Schmidt

CDS: (as orchestrator, conductor)        

"One World"
"Grand Passion"
"The Power Of Love"
"Pure Orchestra" (co-producer)
"Animaniacs-Yakko's World"
"Animaniacs-Variety Pack"
"Got The Power"
John Tesh
John Tesh
John Tesh
John Tesh
The John Tesh Project
The John Tesh Project
Jose Feliciano
Kid Rhino/WB
Kid Rhino/WB
Kid Rhino/WB
VUMC Children's Choir

COMMERCIALS: (as orchestrator, conductor)
clients include:  Honda, Subway, AT&T, Taco Bell, Chevy, Southwest Bell,
Eveready Energizers, Crush, Welches, Infogames, Toyota

Eric has guest conducted many orchestras and concert bands throughout the United States. In Los Angeles, he has conducted over 400 scoring sessions for film and television, commercials, theme park shows and recording projects.

For several years Eric has been a adjunct instructor at the USC Thornton School of Music SMPTV Program (Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television).  His fifteen week class consist of two areas of focus and is designed to allow the student maximum “hands-on” experience. The first, conducting, will introduce the student to the basics of orchestral conducting and then focus specifically on the specialized techniques, methods and terminology that are present in a professional scoring session.  Four class periods are utilized, preparing the students to conduct their own compositions at scheduled recording sessions.  Students will conduct live piano, in class, to prepare for these sessions and then will receive individual critique by the instructor.

The second area, composition, will examine in detail the many different musical styles that a working composer may be called upon to produce. The student will study and then produce a series of music cues in the style of classic Warner Bros and Disney animation, and contemporary television scoring.  They will have an opportunity to record, with a live orchestra,  original compositions of their own.  Other areas of film composing, such as: sound-a-likes, temp tracks, pre-records, ghost-writing, and career management will be discussed. Each student shall have numerous opportunities to present their work, in class, for evaluation by the instructor and other class members.

Eric, also occasionally takes on talented private students.

Eric has given numerous seminars regarding film scoring and composing to groups ranging from elementary kids to high school seniors.  These 1/2 hour to 1 hour fast paced and entertaining presentations are designed specifically for each group.  Subjects covered may include:  the history of film scoring, the mechanical process of synchronizing music to film, orchestration and composing methods, and career opportunities in the music industry.  Video and audio material from films and television is presented.
Given programs include:
Music Educators National Association (MENC): 2006 National Bi-Annual Conference, Keynote Address
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo: composition and careers in music
Allentown, PA School District: multiple presentations to elementary and high school students
Bowman High School:  career day
Legacy Private Academy: composing for cartoons

"Simple Faith"
"His Healing Hand"
"Prayer Without Words"
"He Walks With Thee"
"A Repentant Heart"
"Alone, Never"
"Calm Spirit"
"Into The Light"
"Gift Of Grace"
"Troubled Soul"
"Child Of God"
"The Gentle Current Of His Love"
"Amazing Grace"
"The Walk Is Joyful"
"I Give You Joy"
“God Is Love”
"Spirit Of Fire"
"We Question Why"
"This Journey But Begun"
"On The Wings Of Peace"
"Listen, Hear, God Is Near"
"Follow This Path?"
"A Still Heart"

"Got The Power"
"All These Things I See In You”
"What  A Gift, Amazing Grace"
"These Changes"
"The Light Of Day"
"The Spirit's Sign"
"We Are To Share"
"Oh, Happy Day"
"Go Tell It On The Mountain"
"The Lord's Prayer"
"O, Christmas Tree"
"Lord Listen To Your Children Praying"
"Through The Days
"Children Of Light"
"Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise"
"For The Beauty Of The Earth"
"This Is My Song"

"Movements Through Grief"
"The Lord's Prayer"
"What A Gift, Amazing Grace"
"American Indian Poems"
"The Spirit's Sign"

"A Mother's Day"
"Child Of God"

"Listen To Your Heart"
"The Quiet Whisper Of God"
"All Who Are Thirsty"
"My Fortress"
"The Good Soil"
"Some Time"
"Into The World"
"The Spirit's Sign"
"Let My Words Into Your Mind"


CONCERT BAND:     available directly from J. Eric Schmidt, Inc.
”Chaos Theory”
”Cobalt Fire”
“Exuberance” for solo trumpet and band
”Pictures At An Animation Exhibition”
”Grand Opening”
“Resonant Reflections”, Chorales for Band
“Three Oddball Dances”
"What A Day To Play"  (elementary Band)

available from Alfred Publications
"Crazy Daze"               (for elementary band)
"Symphony Of Prayer”, Symphony No. 4 for Band

older works, not available
"Awakening: Concerto For Band"
"Symphony No. 1"
"Symphony No. 2"
"Symphony No. 3"
"The Nimble Giant"  (tuba soloist and band)

"Fansuite"  (brass quintet and piano)
"Woodwind Sextet No. 1"
"Thor Themes Thor Thaxes"
"Pass The Cog Leila"
"Sir Prize and Lady James"
"Sweet For Frenz"
"Won Wegged Waltz"

BALLET (for Collage Dance Theatre):
"Ancient Terrain"
"One of Four, Poultry"
"Elvene Dansen"

"The Jew Of Malta"

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (the Emmys)
The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (the Grammys)
The Society of Composers and Lyricists
Recording Musicians Association
American Federation of Musicians
National Association of Church Musicians

BMI Earl Hagen Film Scoring Workshop
Film Scoring studied at UCLA
Music Composition at California State Univ. Northridge
Architecture studied at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Eric has served as composer, orchestrator or conductor on projects that have received the following nominations:
2 Grammys, 3 Emmys, 2 Golden Reel Awards and one Annie Award,
multiple VGA, BAFTA and IGN awards

His music is published by Alfred Publishing, Abingdon Press and
National Music Publishers. Recently he has begun to self publish his
new compositions for concert band and solo piano.

Since 2009, Eric has been an Arts Commissioner for the City of Santa Clarita.