Concert Band Publications
PDF's of scores (8.5x14) and parts (8.5x11)
Grand Opening     $35.00     101     add to cart
Resonant Reflections     $65.00     102     add to cart
Three Oddball Dances     $35.00     103     add to cart
Pictures at an Animation Exhibition     $90.00     104     add to cart
Cobalt Fire     $65.00      107     add to cart
Chaos Theory     $65.00      105      add to cart

Piano Sheet Music
Each PDF is only $1.95

A Repentant Heart     301     add to cart
A Still Heart     302     add to cart
Alone, Never     303     add to cart
Amazing Grace     304     add to cart
Calm Spirit     305     add to cart
Child Of God     306     add to cart
Gift Of Grace     307     add to cart
He Walks With Thee     308     add to cart
His Healing Hand     309     add to cart
How Can We Name A Love     310     add to cart
I Give You Joy     311     add to cart
Into The Light     312     add to cart
Listen, Hear, God Is Near     313     add to cart
Meditation     314     add to cart
Moments In Faith     315     add to cart
On Wings Of Peace     316     add to cart
O Come, Emmanuel     317     add to cart
Prayer Without Words     318     add to cart
Simple Faith     319     add to cart
Something Hidden     320     add to cart
Spirit Of Fire     321     add to cart
The Gentle Current Of His Love     322     add to cart
This Journey But Begun     323     add to cart
Troubled Soul     324     add to cart

Price of each is $16.00 and includes shipping and handing

Prayer Without Words     401     
Symphony of Prayer     402     
Movements Through Grief     403     
Got The Power     404     
Moments In Faith     405     available soon

From the solo piano album Prayer Without Words
Price of each $1.00

Simple Faith     619     add to cart
His Healing Hand     609     add to cart
Prayer Without Words     618     add to cart
He Walks With Thee     608     add to cart
A Repentant Heart     601     add to cart
Alone, Never     603     add to cart
Calm Spirit     605     add to cart
Into The Light     612     add to cart
Gift Of Grace     607     add to cart
Troubled Soul     624     add to cart
Child Of God     606     add to cart
The Gentle Current Of His Love     622     add to cart
Amazing Grace     604     add to cart

Compositions for Piano and Violin (or flute)
Each PDF is only $6.95

Child Of God     901     add to cart
Meditation     902     add to cart
A Mother's Day     903     add to cart

Original Compositions for Youth Choir
Each PDF is only $7.95

Children Of Light     701     add to cart
The Spirit's Sign (for Baptism)     702     add to cart
God Invites His Children (for Communion)     703     add to cart

Arrangements for Children's Choir
Each PDF is only $7.95

For The Beauty Of This Earth     801     add to cart
This Is My Song     802     add to cart
Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise     803     add to cart